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AIT Tree Pit Root Management System / Plastic Chamber Units

Our Root Management System enables trees to thrive in streetscape settings and eliminates the possibility of heaving concrete or pavers. By utilizing our state of the art plastic chamber units, this root management system guides the root growth down and away from the surface infrastructure and provides for healthier, more drought-resistant trees. Storm water is directed ...

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AIT Rainwater Harvesting System

The AIT Rainwater Harvesting System is ideal for roof rainwater run-off collection, reuse for grass sprinkling systems, a backwash basin for swimming pools, a catch reservoir for both residential and commercial floor drains, along with others. Storm water run-off management is helpful for flood prevention, downstream erosion ...

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Brentwood StormTank ® Module

The StormTank Module is a subsurface stormwater storage unit load-rated for use under surfaces such as parking lots, athletic fields, and parks. Its design provides maximum storage while minimizing the installation footprint to reduce construction costs and allow for utilization of valuable land. The Module is commonly used for detention, infiltration and rainwater harvesting applications but can be utilized for flood mitigation, bio-retention and tree growth media support structures.

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