About AIT

American Infrastructure Technologies (AIT) was founded in 2002 by Del Zentgraf and Sharon King.

This was the height of the era of “GREEN” and, with this opportunity, AIT became a representative for Brentwood Industries – a leader in the storm water solutions industry – in Reading, PA.

We now specialize in the storm water filtration systems and the storm water storage systems. This product had been common in other parts of the world, but still fairly new in the United States. With strict regulations on hard cover surfaces, ponds and city water usage, our storm water collection system will give both Homeowners and Commercial building sites a way to collect, store and either re-use the rain water or allow it to dissipate. Along with the harvesting system comes a filtering system that ensures clean, filtered water is going back into our lakes, streams and rivers.

Our own AIT Tree Pit Root Management System, which utilizes our plastic chamber units for root guidance and ensures the tree's health, is being recognized nationally as one of the newest and best innovations for STREETSCAPE designs!

Our newest endeavor, The Rainwater Harvest System, comes at a time when new strict municipal drainage standards are being placed on builders. New drainage standards are dictating how run-off must be cleaned, directed, and stored. Our system has many uses that solve problems relating to storm water storage and usage.

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