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StormTank™ Documents
Brochure (2.44 MB .pdf)
Technical Specifications (51 kb .doc)
Installation Guide (4.9 MB .pdf)
Maintenance Guide (47 kb .pdf)

Other Documents
Detention Systems for Urban Stormwater Management (1.07 MB .pdf)

Product Information

Brentwood’s StormTank® Modules for Stormwater Storage are rugged and lightweight, offering up to the largest void space of any subsurface stormwater storage unit currently on the market. The modules are simple to assemble and install, easy to clean, and their stackable design allows them to manage large volumes of water. Our modules are load-rated for use under parking lots, athletic fields, parks, etc. (Designed to exceed H-25 loading)!

Brentwood Stormtank System

A StormTank™ installation requires a much smaller footprint than a crushed rock system with the same amount of stormwater storage capacity. And less space used also means less expense for excavation, geotextile, liner, installation, and backfill. The StormTank™ stackability and variable column height (18”-36”) can maximize the use of a site with limited surface area that would be otherwise unavailable with a typical detention pond.

Brentwood Stormtank System

Key Features
• Rated for use under most surface covers including impervious and vegetated areas.
• Designed to exceed HS-25 Load Rating.
• Modules can be built on site in less than 2 minutes with no special equipment, tools, or bonding agents.
• Stackability and variable column heights accommodate tight site constraints.
• Open module design includes no internal walls or partitions, allowing for easy inspection and cleaning.
• Available in 18, 24, 30, 33, and 36 inch heights.

Brentwood Stormtank System